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How to edit the settings of my subscription ? (the quantity, the frequency and the date)

Do you want to adapt your subscription to your needs ? This article explains how to change the quantity of your subscription, the frequency or the ...

How do I close my order ?

Not available yet.

How to edit the frequency of my automatic deliveries ?

Not yet written in English. Please have a look at the French version ;-)

How to postpone my next delivery ?

Your next delivery will be coming soon but you already have too much coffee in your cupboards. It's time to postpone your next automatic deliveries...

How and when to order cleaning products for my coffee machine ?

Are you running out of descaling tablets, water filters or cleaning tablets ? Would you like to receive filters in your next delivery ? You can do ...

How to edit a planned delivery?

With the Javry platform you have the possibility to see and edit planned orders. You can adapt quantities, remove a product and add others. For exa...

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