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How to adjust the water hardness of your Melitta Caffeo Solo?

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Are you wondering why we put so much emphasis on setting the water hardness of your machine ? 

If the water hardness is not properly set, your machine will remain on the preset setting. What will happen next ?

  • Either you are very lucky and the recorded water hardness corresponds to your hardness
  • Or the recorded hardness is too low : your machine will request you to change the filter too late. The result : the scale that builds up will damage your machine.
  • Or the recorded hardness is too high : your machine will request you to change the filter abusively. The result : you will be replacing filters that do not need to be replaced at all.
  • Test strips are supplied with the machine to determine the water hardness. 
  • The water hardness is set to 4 at the factory. 

How to get the information into your machine ?

  1. Determine the hardness of the tap water with the test strips. 
  2. Switch on the machine. 
  3. Simultaneously press the "Preparation" control button for one cup and the "Steam" button until all four control buttons ligt up dimly for more than 2 seconds. 
  4. Press the "Steam" control button several times to choose between the four possible hardness levels. The "Steam" button lights up clearly. Your selection of the water hardness according to the table appears on the display via the coffee bean symbol. 
  5. Press the "On/Off" button to confirm the selected hardness, depending on your choice, 1 to 4 coffee bean symbols flash on the display. The appliance is in Stan-by mode again. 

Any questions ?

Do you have any question about this procedure ? Contact us we will be pleased to help you.

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