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How to descale a Jura E6

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The descaling of your machine is part of its maintenance: limescale deposits form in the Jura and it a descaling is automatically required (unless you use an adequate filter and change it regularly enough). you will find in this article everything you need to know to properly descale your Jura E6. 

Good to know

Several pieces of information to take into consideration: 

  1. Ensure that you take off the water filter before the descaling. 
  2. Once the descaling is over, empty the water tank and replace the previous filter with a new one.
  3. Such a descaling usually lasts for 40 minutes - but you don't have to stand by the side of the machine the whole time ;) 
  4. We recommend you you tu use Jura's descaling tablets.

Plusieurs supports disponibles

We provide you different toolkits to help you descaling your coffee machine: 

  1. The user guide in PDF : go to page 36
  2. The video
  3. The written guide

The video

In order to descale your Jura E6 machine, you simply need to follow the instructions given in the video below.

The written guide

Once the screen on your machine displays the message requiring you to "descale the machine", 

  1. Press "P" (for "programmation") on your machine
  2. The machine announces you the approximate time required to properly descale the machine (40 minutes) and you can press "Start".
  3. It is then reminded to you to exclusively use JURA products. You can press "Next". 
  4. A message appears: "Empty the drainage tank". Ensure to empty the coffee grounds container as well. Put them both back to where they belong. 
  5. Another message is displayed: "Add product". Take off the water tank out of the machine and empty it
  6. In a container aside, add 500 ml of lukewarm water and dissolve 3 entire Jura descaling tablets. It can take a few minutes. Pour this solution into the empty water tank. Put it back where it belongs in the machine. The message "turn to open" appears. 
  7. Ensure to put another container under the nozzle for thin mousse. 
  8. Turn the rotary switch until it indicates the coffee icon and the descaling will start. Water will flow several times from the nozzle for thin mousse. When it eventually stops, a message is displayed : "Turn to close"
  9. Turn the rotary switch onto "ON". The descaling process continues.
  10. The process stops again. A message requires you to "Empty the drainage tank".
  11. Once done, "Fill the water tank" appears on the screen. Follow the instruction and replace the container under the coffee and thin mousse outing. The message "Turn to open" appears.

  12. Turn the rotary switch onto the coffee icon. The descaling starts again until it eventually stops. The message "Turn to close" appears. 
  13. Turn the rotary switch onto "ON". The descaling process continues and water flows from the coffee outing.

  14. "Empty the drainage tank" as well as the coffee grounds container, then put them back where they belong.
  15. The descaling is over. The usual welcoming screen is displayed. 

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