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How to replace Melitta Caffeo Solo's filter?

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You have the option to use filters to filter the water used by your machine.

There are two advantages to using these filters:

  1. The first is that you will not need to descale your machine as often, if at all. Your machine will operate with healthier water for its mechanism.
  2. The second is that the taste of your coffee will be even better.

Good to know

The Melitta Caffeo Solo machine requires Claris Pro Aqua cartridges, available in our shop.

Multiple resources available:

We provide you with several resources that will help you change the water filter in your coffee machine: 

User manual in PDF format: Refer to page 20.
Text-based instructions.

Text-based guide.

The water filter should be replaced every two months, or at the latest when the symbol appears on the display screen.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Place the water filter in a glass of fresh tap water for a few minutes before installing it.
  2. Lift the lid of the water tank and remove the tank from the machine from the top.
  3. Empty the water tank.
  4. Carefully screw the Melitta Claris water filter into the thread on the base of the water tank, using the screwing device located on the lower end of the supplied coffee spoon.
  5. Fill the water tank with fresh tap water up to the Max mark and place it back in position.
  6. Place a container under the Perfect Cappuccino outlet and lower the steam nozzle until it is below the rim of the container.
  7. Turn the dial clockwise to open the valve.
  8. As soon as the water tank symbol lights up, turn the dial counterclockwise to close the valve. The machine is ready to operate.

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