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How to start using your Jura WE8 ?

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So, you're the proud owner of a Jura WE8 coffee machine? Congratulations!

We have prepared some guides to help you learn how to use and maintain your Jura machine effectively.

Table of Contents

  • How to use the Jura WE8 machine?
  • How to prepare coffee or other beverages (Latte macchiato, cappuccino, or other specialties)?
  • How to prepare decaffeinated coffee?
  • How to adjust the grinder?
  • How to fill the water reservoir?
  • How to fill the coffee bean hopper?
  • How to properly maintain your coffee machine?
  • Recap in images.

How to use the Jura WE8 machine?

How to prepare coffee or other beverages

Four products are displayed on your machine's screen: coffee, espresso, hot water, and cappuccino. Simply click on your desired product, and it will be dispensed into your cup. If you press the ">" button (located at the bottom right of your machine's screen), you will discover other beverage options.

To initiate two simultaneous preparations, press the corresponding button twice (within a one-second interval). In this case, you should place two cups under the coffee spout (of course!).

You can stop the preparation of any coffee or hot water specialty at any time by pressing the "stop" button.

During certain preparations, you can adjust the coffee intensity by pressing the "<" and ">" buttons (located in the middle, on the left and right sides of the screen). Additionally, for all preparations, you can modify the pre-set milk or water quantity by using these same buttons.

The preparation will stop automatically, and your Jura machine will be ready to use.

How to exchange the milk frother and hot water spout?


How to prepare decaffeinated coffee?

Thanks to the ground coffee funnel located at the back of the machine (behind the bean hopper, on the left side), you can easily prepare decaffeinated coffee for those days when you need less caffeine.

A few recommendations before you embark on this expedition:

  • Never pour more than two doses of ground coffee. It is not a reservoir but a funnel.
  • If you haven't poured enough ground coffee, your machine will notify you with the message "not enough ground coffee."
  • Once you have placed the ground coffee, prepare your coffee within a minute.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Open the ground coffee cover and pour the decaffeinated coffee (approximately 10g).
  2. Close the cover. The machine will automatically recognize that it has received ground coffee and will use it for the next coffee preparation.
  3. Press the "coffee" button, and the machine will serve you a decaffeinated coffee. Note that you can follow the same procedure for other preparations using ground coffee.

How to adjust the grinder?

The grinder adjustment, located to the right of the ground coffee chute (when facing the machine), should never be used. If you find the grind size inappropriate, please contact us, and we will assist you.

How to fill the water reservoir?

Daily maintenance and hygiene are essential to ensure a consistently perfect result in your cup. Therefore, you should change the water daily. Only pour cold water into your machine.

Here's how to fill the water reservoir:

  1. Open the water reservoir cover.
  2. Remove the water reservoir and rinse it with cold water.
  3. Fill the water reservoir with fresh water and place it back in position.
  4. Close the water reservoir cover.

You may notice that a water filter has already been installed by a Javry professional. When the filter symbol turns red (on the machine's screen), it is time to replace the filter. To perform this task, you can refer to the corresponding article.

How to fill the coffee bean hopper?

When your machine no longer contains enough coffee beans, it will notify you with a message on the screen. That means it's time to fill the hopper!

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Remove the aroma preservation cover.
  2. Remove any impurities or foreign objects.
  3. Fill the bean container with coffee beans and close the aroma preservation cover.

    How to properly maintain your coffee machine?

    To ensure the proper functioning of your coffee machine, several steps need to be followed:

    • Clean your coffee machine, which is recommended every 180 cups. A message will appear on your machine's screen.
    • Clean the milk system once a day.
    • Change the water filter when the filter symbol turns red.
    • Perform descaling when prompted by your coffee machine.

    All these articles are also listed on this summary page and in the manual.

    Summary in images

    Here is a summary in images to share with your colleagues:

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