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How do I access the information in my coffee machine?

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You finally have (or will soon have!) a professional coffee machine. However, there are many questions in your mind : How to use it ? How to clean it ? What cleaning products to use ?

You can now add this coffee machine to your account to have quicker access to information about it

Good to know

To easily access this information, two conditions must be respected : 

  1. Your coffee machine must be linked to your account. If this step is not yet completed, you should read the article on how to add a machine to your Javry account
  2. Your coffee machine must be present in our database. If it is not, this article also explains what to do when the machine does not appear.

How to access the information of my coffee machine ?

  1. Login to your Javry account,
  2. Click on the "coffee machines" tab under your company name in the left-hand column,

  3. Next to the picture of your machine, you will find three tabs offering you several necessary information : the user guides and manuals, explanatory videos and the maintenance products. Enjoy your visit :)

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