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How to replace the water filter of a Jura WE6 ?

Written By Pierre Yves Orban, last update on

Your Jura WE6 machine needs regular maintenance and she likes to remind you. When the filter symbol appears red, it is time to change it.

We recommand you to use the CLARIS Pro Smart filter, available on our website (and not the Claris Smart !).

You can find all the details to change the filter on page 27 of the manual.

Video : how to replace the water filter of a Jura WE 6 ?

Step by step

When the filter symbol at the bottom of the display lights up red : 

  1. Remove and empty the water tank.
  2. Open the filter holder and remove the old CLARIS Pro Smart filter and filter extension.
  3. Fit the extension on top of a new filter.
  4. Insert the filter with its extension into the water tank.
  5. Close the filter holder. It will click into place audibly.
  6. Fill the water tank with fresh, cold water and reinsert the tank. The message "saved" appears. The machine has automatically detected that you have just changed the filter.
  7. The message "switch open" appears. Place a receptacle under the hot-water nozzle. Turn the switch to the coffee position. Water flows out of the hot-water nozzle.
  8. The water may be slightly discoloured. This is not harmful to health and does not affect the taste. Rinsing of the filter stops automatically after approximately 300 ml. The message "switch close" appears on the display.
  9. Turn the switch to the "off" position.
  10. And that's it.

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