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How do I edit the settings of my subscription (the quantity, frequency, date of the next delivery)?

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You want to update your subscription settings so that they fit your needs? This article will explain you how to edit the quantity, frequency or even the delivery date of your upcoming deliveries. However, if you want to modify the order itself (coffee type, milling, etc), please read this article.

How to modify your coffee subscription? 

  1. Log into your Javry account,
  2. Click on the "Subscriptions" section in the left column, under your company's name.
  3. You will find your company's subscription. Click on "Modify the subscription".
  4. Here, you can edit:
  5. Ici, vous pouvez modifier :

            - the frequency of the deliveries: you can be delivered with coffee every week if you wish.

            - the delivery date of the upcoming orders: simply choose the date that suits you best.

            - the quantity of the orders: choose the desired amount of coffee packets you want to receive.    

       6.   Une fois vos changements réalisés, cliquez sur "modifier"en bas vers le milieu.

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