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How to postpone my next delivery ?

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Your next delivery will be coming soon but you already have too much coffee in your cupboards. It's time to postpone your next automatic deliveries. 

Good to know

The are three informations to know before changing the date of your next deliveries : 

  • First : by changing the date of the next delivery, you change all the dates of future deliveries.
  • Secondly :  a few days before the delivery, your order moves to the "confirmed" status. If this is the case, you cannot change the date of your next delivery. We advise you to contact us by phone to modify or postpone this order.
  • Thirdly, the delivery dates are pre-registered. We work with a artisanal roaster who roasts every two weeks. If you need coffee quickly, make an order outside your subscription.

How to postpone my next delivery ?

  1. Log into our website Javry.
  2. Access to your account and click on the tab "subscriptions". 

  3. Click on the "update"button to modify your subscription.

  4. You can modify the frequency, the quantity and the date of the next delivery.

  5. When your changes are finished, click on "save"

Questions ?

Please, feel free to contact us if you have a question. We will answer you with pleasure !

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