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How to re-order a previous order in 1 click ?

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It is possible to realize your next order in one click only. In order to do that, there is only one condition to meet: the new order must be exactly identical to a previous one.

How to order quickly?

  1. Log into your Javry account
  2. Go to the "Deliveries" section, in the left column. 

  3. Here, you can find all the upcoming deliveries, as well as the previous ones. Click on "Order again" for the order you want to receive again. 

  4. When you click on "Order again", 3 different scenarios are possible: 

    A) The entirety of your previous order is no longer available. You thus cannot re-order this order. 
    B) Only some products from your previous order are still available. You are then redirected to your shopping basket in case you do want to confirm this incomplete order. 

    C) All products from your previous order are no available. You are automatically redirected to your shopping basket. 
  5. Once you have pressed "Order again" and you are satisfied with this new order, you can confirm it by clicking on "Next step". 
  6. The last step is to fill in the few forms (delivery, billing, etc) in order to complete your purchase. This is it! Only a few days to go before you enjoy a delicious coffee ;)

I cannot find an answer to my question

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