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How and when to order cleaning products for my coffee machine ?

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Are you running out of descaling tablets, water filters or cleaning tablets ? Would you like to receive filters in your next delivery ? You can do it easily in a few clicks !

Good to know

There are two ways to order cleaning products (or even coffee) :

  1. Solution 1 : the first way is to modify your next delivery. This option saves you shipping costs.
  2. Solution 2 : you can order directly from our online shop. In this case, your order will be at your office in 2 days (for companies in Belgium). The best is to check the date of your next delivery to avoid unnecessary shipping costs. ;)


We send you a notification email before each delivery. Take this opportunity to check your stock of cleaning products and eventually to order some.

We recommend you to have one filter and some cleaning tablets in your stock. If not, it's time to order !

Solution 1 : How to order maintenance products and avoid shipping costs ?

  1. Log into our website Javry.
  2. Access to your account and click on the tab "shippings"
  3. Click on the tab "edit" next to the next delivery. You are now in the cart of your company.
  4. It's time to navigate on the online shop and "add" products of your choice. By clicking on this link, you will be taken directly to the Jura cleaning  products. 

  5. Once you have added products, you can return to your cart and "validate the cart".
  6. Once validated, you are redirected to the page containing your next deliveries.

Solution 2 : How to order maintenance products and receive them in a few days ?

If you need to clean your machine quickly (or replace the filter), we suggest you to follow this way :

  1. Log into our website Javry.
  2. Access to the online shop and go to the category "maintenance products".
  3. Choose products corresponding to your coffee machine and add to your cart : water filters, cleaning tablets or descaling products.  Be careful : your cart have to be linked with the account of your company. Check this information in the blue box.
  4. Once your purchases are completed, go to the cart of your company. Here, you can for instance verify that your filters are the correct ones.

  5. Click on the "order" button. 

I can't find the answer to my question

If this article does not answer your question, feel free to contacts us and we will be happy to help you !

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