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How to clean a Jura E6

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Does you machine Jura E6 require a cleaning? Or do you want to clean it before moving out?

Good to know

  1. Your Jura machine requires to be cleaned after 180 coffees/beverages or after 80 rinces at ignition. You can either wait for the machine to notify you, either force a cleaning by pressing the "P"-key (for "Programmation").
  2. Javry recommends the use of Jura or Solute detergent tablets to clean your machine. Using other products might damage the equipment.
  3. It is important not to interrupt the cleaning process once it started, as it might damage the equipment as well - or even make it unusable
  4. Such a cleaning usually lasts for about 20 minutes, but it will only require a few minutes from your time (the machine cleans itself). 

Toolkits disponible

We provide you with different toolkits to help you for the cleaning of your coffee machine:

  1. User guide in PDF: go to page 35
  2. The video
  3. The written guide

The video

Sometimes, a video is worth a thousand speeches.


The written guide

Once you machine displays a "Clean machine" message, 

  1. Press the "P"-key to ignite the cleaning program.
  2. Press "Start".
  3. Several messages appear on the screen. Press "Next" until your E6 requires you to empty the coffee grounds tank. 
  4. Empty the coffee grounds tank and the water tank, then put them back where they belong.
  5. The message "Cleaning" appears. Put a container under the coffee drain. 
  6. Press "Next".
  7. The process will stop and a message will appear: "Add tablet". Open the funnel's cover (on the back of the machine) and add the Jura or Solute cleaning tablet
  8. Close the cover.
  9. Press then "Next" (it is important to put the tablet first, and only then to press "Next"). Water will flow several times from the coffee drain and the message "Cleaning machine" appears on the screen.
  10. The process stops: "Empty the coffee grounds tank". It is time to empty the drainage tank as well as the coffee grounds tank
  11. Put everything back where it belongs. 
  12. The cleaning is over. Enjoy a good coffee ;) 

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