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How to descale a Jura WE6 ?

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Descaling your machine is an important part of its maintenance.  In this article, you will find the procedure to descale your Jura WE6.

If the wrong descaling agent is used, the machine could be damaged and traces could be left behind in the water.  We recommend you to use only original JURA maintenance products.

You can find all the details of descaling on page 29 of the manual.

Before the descaling process

  1. Make sure to take out the water filter from the watertank.
  2. Please note the duration of the process : the descaling programme lasts approximately 40 minutes but the time spent in front of the machine is 5 minutes ! Indeed, the machine works alone :)

Descaling : video

To descale your Jura WE6 machine, you only need to click on play on the video and follow the given instructions :

Step by step

When "decalcify machine" is displayed : 

  1. Press the "red Maintenance symbol" button.
  2. Press the "start" button.
  3. Press the "Next" button.
  4. The message "empty drip tray" appears on the screen. Empty the drip tray and coffee grounds container and put them back into the machine. The message "Agent in tank" appears.
  5. Remove and empty the water tank.
  6. Completely dissolve 3 Jura descaling tablets in a receptacle holding 500 ml of water. This may take several minutes.
  7. Put the solution into the empty water tank and insert it into the machine. The message "switch open" appears.
  8. Place a receptacle under the hot-water nozzle. Turn the switch to the "coffee" position. Descaling begins and cold water flows out of the hot-water nozzle.
  9. The operation is interrupted and a message appears on the screen : "switch close".
  10. Turn the switch to the "OFF" position. The descaling operation is continued. Water flows out of the coffee spout.
  11. The operations is interrupted and a message appears : "empty drip tray". It's time to empty the drip tray and coffee grounds container. Put them back into the machine.
  12. Descaling is now complete.

 After the descaling process

  1. When the process is done, make sure to fully empty the watertank before adding new water into it.
  2. Add then a new water filter if you usually use one. Discover our guide that explains how to replace the water filter of a Jura WE6
  3. That's it ! Get a coffee, you deserve it ;-)

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