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I'm almost out of coffee, what should I do?

Written By Floriane Mailleux, last update on

While making yourself a yummy coffee, you start to panic: your last coffee packet is almost empty...

What do I do when I am running out of coffee? 

There are three possible solutions: 

Option 1 : check online and wait for your next delivery 

The first thing to do is to check in your "Shippings" section (under your company's name) when your next expedition date is planned.

You can find this piece of information in the "expedition date" column from the list of upcoming deliveries.

If this date seems to far away, we have a second solution for you:

Option 2 : order on our e-shop

You can realize a new order on our e-shop. It should arrive within 2 working days. 

If you choose this solution, don't forget to adapt the quantities of your next automatic order. We recommend you, for example, to decrease the quantities of coffee of your next planned delivery, so that you don't end up with too much coffee (since you have just ordered some additional one in emergency).

If the-working-days deadline still seems to long, there is an ultimate solution: 

Option 3 : use the "panic button"!

Press the "PANIC BUTTON" in the left coule, under the name of your company. 

This button enables you to order coffee and to be delivered within the next three hours (once the form has been submitted)! 

Be careful, this service can only be guaranteed during office hours and exclusively to Brussels-based companies. For the others, you can still press the Panic Button and we then commit to make every effort to deliver you as soon as possible.

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